Our Approach

What is exam technique and why is it important?

Good exam technique in any subject is as important as knowing the content of the subject.

Exam technique includes skills such as: managing time, analysing questions and knowing key words, multiple choice techniques, understanding exam terminology, planning logical and relevant short and long answers, fulfilling all the requirements of the question, writing coherently and concisely and knowing how to deal with difficult questions.

Students also need to know the differences in requirements for each exam, as well as being aware of marking criteria and how to produce answers that attain top bands.

Is small class tutoring beneficial?

Yes. Small classes :

  • Provide students with targeted, small group instruction 
  • Provide students with a high degree of individualised assistance to clarify and develop greater understanding of their learning
  • Provide students with a supported learning environment. Sometimes the use of collaborative group work and as individuals fosters positive  learning behaviours and attitudes, as well as provides the students with exemplary role models
  • Allow students to develop their confidence and self esteem